Clouds, Mountains, Forests

I’m experimenting more with black watercolors, white, and composition, as well as some of my favorite subjects. I don’t normally use gouache, but I filled a pan in my palette with white and used it on some of these. It looks like I’ve painted and drawn a lot of things in black recently. Maybe I’ll change gears and focus on a different color now.

Verdant Mist

Verdant Mist

Mixed media, watercolor and acrylic on paper, 6″x9″

I had attempted to repaint the sketch from the last post larger, but it just wasn’t working out. Eventually I decided to paint in the remaining white areas with a dark grey to practice with abstraction, but then they looked like mountains and I decided to go with that. The acrylic paint I added was some white and black liquid airbrush formula from Golden and some white heavy body formula from Liquitex. There’s a few mistakes, but that’s okay because the whole thing was almost one big mistake.

Sunlit Clouds

Sunlit Clouds 1

Sunlit Clouds 2

Sunlit Clouds 3

From the photos I took on one of my train trips, during the winter. I think this was sunset, but I’m not sure now. The way the sunlight was slipping out from behind and between clouds and hills seemed interesting to me.

This past month has been so hot that I’m too busy in the cool mornings to make art and too hot the rest of the day to have the energy for art, or anything else. This is the time of year that I wish it was winter again. Starting with this post, everything will have snow until I’m not hot anymore.

Also, I’ve made a few changes. A few of my old posts I’ve deleted. Some of them had pixel art that I thought was too similar to the kind of work you’d see in a video game, and because I’ve come to view those as very unChristian and regret that I ever played them in the past I’d rather distance myself from them in my art now. I’ve also disabled likes on my posts for now because I thought I was focusing too much on blog stats. I really appreciate comments though and I always like being asked questions. 🙂



Oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″

I started a basic underpainting for this a long time ago but it wasn’t turning out like I wanted and I set it aside. Nearly five weeks ago I decided to repaint it using cadmium yellow light (PY35, Winsor & Newton), Indian yellow (PY110, Blue Ridge), Florentine red (PR179, Mussini), and titanium white (PW6, Williamsburg). For some reason even now there’s still areas of paint that are wet to the touch.

For the first couple of weeks I thought it was the cadmium yellow mixed with white that was to blame, but then a week ago I noticed some of the orangish Indian yellow was wet in places too, and just now when I picked it up I got red on my fingers. It’s finally mostly dry, but the places where it’s not don’t seem to have anything in common with each other. I didn’t paint thickly or use any mediums. Some areas that are a little thicker than others are fully dry, but the red that’s still wet was painted very thinly.

Maybe it’s been too cold in my house, since I don’t use my heater very often so I can save fuel, and that’s affected the drying? That can’t be it though, because I’ve painted at least one other thing with normal oil paint during this time that has dried without problem. Some pigments take longer than others to dry, and so do some oils, but nothing should take this long, so I just don’t really know what happened here.

By the way, I just placed an order with Dick Blick and in a couple of weeks I’ll finally be able to try out block printing.

Clouded Wilderness

Clouded Wilderness

Oil on linen, 7″ x 5″

When I started this painting I didn’t have a plan for what I wanted to make. Instead, I painted shapes with yellow ochre domestic (Williamsburg) and an alkyd fast dry titanium white (Da Vinci).

As I slowly covered the canvas I thought of various ideas for what the shapes could become. It was between this or a sunset. If I had chosen a sunset I would have used the darker shapes as clouds and the lighter shapes as the sky behind them. Just to see how it would look, I started painting the shapes of mountains into the darker areas and I decided to go with that.

The linen panel I used was one I had already covered in some reddish paint, maybe Indian red or something similar, a long time ago. That color shows through a little in places where the paint is thinner or where the bristle marks cut down into the paint.

Pinecone Peak

Pinecone Peak 1

Pencil on paper, 5.5″ x 8.5″

I started this about a month ago but I forgot about it until I was turning through my sketchbook a few days ago and decided to finish. It’s kind of a frankendrawing because I changed pencils and styles a few times. I remember not being sure how I wanted to draw the clouds so they got erased once or twice…

Pinecone Peak 1 Close

Here’s a closeup of the tree so you can see the pine needles. I actually enjoyed drawing them. It kind of reminded me of making pixel art.

Urland 2

Urland 2

Acrylic on canvas, 7″ x 5″

Ancient mountains veiled in mist.

I used two acrylic airbrush colors (carbon black and titanium white) from Golden with a paintbrush and also a tube of regular Golden acrylic (also carbon black). The airbrush colors come in bottles and are fluid like ink. This is my first time using them. The brush I used is called a “scrubber” and has very short and stiff bristles. It’s not the kind of brush you’d expect to use with a very fluid paint, but I liked the rawness of it.

Quiet Black Mountains

Quiet Black Mountains

Digital, 400x600px

I made this in Corel Painter X3. It’s my first time using this version. For some reason I can’t think of much to say about this. The tools have a lot of potential and I think I enjoyed making digital art again after so long, but maybe real paint is more visceral and more satisfying for me. If only real paintings had an undo button, then I’d be set. I’ll work with this some more and see what I can do.