Snow Coyote

Snow Coyote 1

So just minutes after my last post where I mentioned sometimes seeing coyotes my mom saw one. It was near the road and about to cross but a car came and it turned back. It’d be nice to have a longer range lens for my camera, but this first photo was the best one to zoom in and crop.

Snow Coyote 2

Here it is when it first turned back from the road, which is to the right of the photo. While I don’t personally mind the coyotes being here, and they were here long before people ever came and built houses, it’s a little concerning that just on the other side of tree on the right side of the photo is a playground for children.

Snow Coyote 3

At one point while I was watching it stopped and suddenly jumped on something. Maybe there was a mouse hiding in the snow. A distance away I saw a rabbit run but the coyote didn’t see it.

Snow Coyote 4

Somewhere hidden in the brush is where it lives, and probably one or more others. I don’t know where they disappear to when they leave. I like the colors and textures of this last scene so maybe I’ll paint it later.