Waterfall Book 19

A Little Bird Catching a Bug
Colored pencil on paper, 7″ x 5″

One more try at colored pencil, but this’ll probably be the last time I use it in this notebook since the paper is so smooth that it doesn’t pick up the color well. I think I have a good idea of a material to use for next week though.

Notebook Ready For Drawing
Drawing setup

Here’s how I started, with the notebook clamped open on an old canvas board resting on my desktop easel and the sketch stuck above it using a little modeling clay.

Wide Sketches 1

Wide Sketches 1

Here’s the sketches I’ve made over the past few days. When I started at the top I wasn’t planning on doing this. The flat topped mountain shapes I was randomly drawing started to look like a good rock when I put trees on top, so it quickly became a panorama scene of trees and rocky crags. From there I thought I’d continue the theme of one wide scene after another. At least a few of these I want to make paintings of.