Blue Evening Forest

Year's End
Watercolor on sketch paper, 8.5″ x 5.25″

Here’s the last post for the year. It’s from a combination of a few photos I took of these trees.

So looking back on this past year’s posts it looks like I’ve been more productive and I hope to keep the pace up in 2017. I wanted to thank all of you guys for your encouragement. Some of you have been following my posts for years now, which I think is amazing, and although I’m not very good at responding I do notice.

Next year less than two days away now. Some of you might be thinking about a New Year’s Resolution. A few might even keep theirs. Positive change really is possible though. You probably can’t tell from looking at my art now, but many years ago before I became a Christian the things I drew were much different and had a lot of blood and gore. God can help make lasting changes in people.

Rocky Mountain

Evening Mountain in Watercolor
Watercolor on printmaking paper, 4″ x 6.75″

I want to start a fresh approach to this blog by using a weekly palette theme. Yesterday on Instagram I posted this five color watercolor palette. That’s the palette used here, with all five colors being used (viridian + burnt sienna made some of the darker browns). Over the next few days I’ll try painting a variety of subjects with these.

The goal with this approach is to grow by finding and overcoming challenges. Also, it’ll be a motivation to get out some less used paints. If you guys have any suggestions, maybe in another medium as well, let me know.

La Dordogne, after Frits Thaulow

La Dordogne, after Frits Thaulow
Egg tempera on heavy watercolor paper, 6.5″ x 4.75″

Today I tried making egg tempera paint for the first time. The binder is just an egg yolk, completely separated from everything else, and to prevent mold a small amount of 70% rubbing alcohol was mixed in. I made five paints- lemon ochre, Venetian red, Nicosia green earth, ultramarine blue, and titanium white. Except for the white all of the pigments were from Natural Pigments.

The paint was very nice to work with, but tended to form a dry skin over it on the palette very quickly and things got a little rushed in an effort to finish the painting adequately before running out of useable paint.