Mountains and Clouds

Mountains and Clouds 3a

Here’s a few iPad drawings I had made a couple of weeks ago. Above is the third and final drawing of these three. Originally I was going to have ibexes in the foreground like in the two sketches before it, but it wasn’t working like I wanted in this final one and I redesigned it to have birds flying.

Mountains and Clouds 1a

This was the first drawing I made with the Tayasui Sketches app, and at this point I was just using my finger to draw.

Mountains and Clouds 2a

For this second drawing I used a stylus. I like it, but it’s kind of a boring composition, so after this I started the final drawing that I posted at the top.

Arctic Fox on Rocks

Arctic Fox on Rocks

Here’s another iPad drawing. For both this and the last drawing I posted I used Tayasui Sketches, plus a little contrast adjustment after transferring it to my laptop. I’m still very busy, but I’ve managed to get this and a few drawings done that I’ll scan later.

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains 1

Here’s a drawing I made on an old iPad mini that I was recently given and a stylus pen I mail ordered. It’s how I remember a scene that I saw on a train ride through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado earlier this week.

The last several weeks have been very busy, etc, and although I have made some art it hasn’t been anything finished enough to post.