A butterfly on a flower

Today I went to the Butterfly Pavilion, which is a short distance north of Denver. It’s an interesting place with an indoor tropical forest that has lots of different butterflies flying around in it that they raise. There’s also a room with many kinds of tarantulas and other invertebrates in different terrariums, and a room with aquariums. They do conservation work with butterflies and other creatures.

Bees on Flowers

I took some photos of bees in my garden using a very inexpensive lens extender tube on my camera to let me focus very close. It has to be focused manually though, and every slight movement closer or farther from the bee lost the focus, so most of the photos were out of focus.

Bee on Echinacea Flower 1 small

Bee on Echinacea Flower 2 small

Bee on Cantaloupe Flower 1 small

Bee on Flower 2 small

Native Bee on Cantaloupe Flower 1 small

This last one is a species of bee native to California. Honey bees aren’t native here, and I’ve read different sources saying we have over 1000 or maybe even over 1600 species of native bees. I don’t know which one this is, but I think it’s a solitary miner bee that digs little holes. They’re very tiny and move fast so it’s hard to even see them, and especially hard to get a close photo.


Blueberries 1

Blueberries 2

Blueberries 3

I’m experimenting a cheap accessory I got for my camera to help with macro photos. Here’s a few photos I took of the blueberries in my garden this morning. They were the best tasting blueberries I’ve had.



There’s this one trail that I like to walk on during the winter because it’s very rocky and every rock is covered in moss like this. During the summer it’s dry and doesn’t rain here, but in winter the rains come and the rocks turn green with moss.

Moss Close Up

Here’s a small part at full size. This is very tiny, but even this might be a dense forest to a tinier bug. I want the rain to hurry up and make the moss green again.