Digital Sketches

Digital Sketch 1 - Man Walking Against the Wind

Lately I haven’t had much will to make art, but here’s a few things I worked on. These are all made in Photoshop CS4. I was making a few custom brushes settings and trying them out on 500x500px canvases when I noticed they looked like I could make something out of them.

Forest Deer

Forest Deer

Photoshop illustration, 521 x 322 pixels

I made this over a year and a half ago but it looks like I never posted it. The canvas dimensions are from the Lucas Numbers with 521 being the next number in the series after 322.

Digital illustration was always something I was really interested in because of the amount of amazing art people have made with programs like Photoshop, but I never really got very good at it or fully comfortable with the tools. I do like how this one turned out though. Maybe I’ll give it another real, good, honest try, and not like the “tries” I’ve made in the past, the next time I have a chance, in a week or so.

Figure Sketches 1

I was cleaning out the backlog of my RSS feeds for art sites (over 1500 messages left to sort through @_@) and I came across this site-

PIXELovely Figure & Gesture Drawing

I set the options to show me a new non-nude (you can select nude if you want) photo of either a male or female model once every 60 seconds (you can set different times). I then opened photoshop, had the windows positioned to see both the photoshop window and the photo in the browser window at once, and started drawing. After 60 seconds the photo automatically switched to a new one without me having to do anything and I switched to a new layer to start a new drawing.

Here’s 13 of the figure sketches that I made-

There’s also an apparently large section for animal photos too. If you want to pause, skip a photo, or go back to the previous one, there’s easy to use buttons too. I really like this site so far and I think I’ll be doing a lot of figure drawings now.

Quick Sketch

I realized that I hadn’t drawn anything in a few days, aside from that one project I’m working on, so I thought I’d make a sketch.

Forest Sun

This was made in Photoshop using my Cintiq 12wx, a screen that I can draw straight on. I don’t really use it very often, but maybe that’ll change soon. A recent driver update from Wacom, the company that makes them, seems to have improved the pen calibration. It feels more accurate now and is more enjoyable to work with.

In other news, I now know where my camera battery recharger is so maybe I’ll take some more photos soon. It’s been raining a lot lately though.