Blueberries 1

Blueberries 2

Blueberries 3

I’m experimenting a cheap accessory I got for my camera to help with macro photos. Here’s a few photos I took of the blueberries in my garden this morning. They were the best tasting blueberries I’ve had.



There’s this one trail that I like to walk on during the winter because it’s very rocky and every rock is covered in moss like this. During the summer it’s dry and doesn’t rain here, but in winter the rains come and the rocks turn green with moss.

Moss Close Up

Here’s a small part at full size. This is very tiny, but even this might be a dense forest to a tinier bug. I want the rain to hurry up and make the moss green again.


Recently one of my uncles gave us a couple of sunflowers he had grown in his garden and I thought I’d practice a little with my camera. The stalks were very thick and to get them I had to use a saw to cut the tops off.

I think birds or something had already pulled a few seeds out here. The pattern they make is neat.

Bees and Squash Blossoms

I got my camera out this morning and took some photos of bees in the squash blossoms of my garden. This one bee was covered in so much pollen that it could barely fly. It still made it from plant to plant though, but every now and then it would have to stop and wipe its face off to see where it was going. I followed that one around for several photos and you’ll be able to tell which one it is each time you see it.

Some of these are cropped, but none are edited beyond that. It would have been really good to have had a macro lens for this, but I just use the one that came with my camera. Most of these photos are about 1000×667, so click view full size to see them like that.