Waterfall Book 25, final page

Waterfall at dusk
Water-soluble wax paint on paper, 7″ x 5″

Here’s the final page of the book. It seemed like it would be fitting to end with a scene set at the end of a long day. This page was first drawn with pencil, then covered with a mix of acrylic mediums to give the paper some protection against buckling as the wax paint from Ceracolors was applied.

Part way through this project I switched to posting larger images and also captioning them directly, as you can see in the gallery below.

Hill Country Lane, after Robert Onderdonk

Hill Country Lane, after Robert Julian Onderdonk
Water-soluble encaustic on bristol board, 8″ x 6.75″

More practice with Ceracolors paint, using the same limited palette of yellow ochre, mars red, and titanium white, as well as ultramarine and mars black that I made using the Ceracolors fluid medium. The titanium white really isn’t as opaque in this medium as you’d expect. It takes a little getting used to using a paint in a way similar to oil paint but without an opaque white.

Flying Shadows, after Robert Onderdonk

Flying Shadows, after Robert Julian Onderdonk
Water-soluble encaustic on paper, 6″ x 5″

This is painted with Ceracolors wax paint on heavy weight watercolor paper, primed with a mix of acrylic gesso and white acrylic paint to reduce the absorbency. It’s actually on the back of an unsuccessful watercolor painting. The palette is just yellow ochre, mars red, ultramarine, mars black, and titanium white.