Trees of Yunshan

Watercolor on 300lb Fabriano soft press watercolor paper, 5.5″x7.75″

I had read on handprint (the single best source of watercolor paint info) that prussian blue and venetian red were pretty close to exact mixing compliments, so I decided to put a large amount of my newly gotten Daniel Smith prussian blue on my wax paper palette and mix it with some of my old Winsor & Newton venetian red. I mixed it with a palette knife while adjusting it a bit and this grey is what I came up with.

Not exactly a 100% neutral grey, but it’s close and I really like it. It’s kind of weird though because in masstone it’s definitely a reddish color, but thinned with water it becomes a warm grey. I’ve saved the rest of the paint, since I only used a small portion, in a small porcelain saucer that I also got from Daniel Smith a couple of days ago. The white that I used a little bit of was the same one I had made myself yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Trees of Yunshan

    1. Thanks. I just adjusted it a little, applying a light venetian red wash to the rocks because some people on this one art forum I’m on wanted it to have more color showing. 🙂

      1. i think it looks wonderful – thats a difficult place to be with people advising – i guess if you found it helpful then great but only you would know how it should be if that makes sense?

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