Morning Song

Morning Song
Acrylic on sketch paper, 9.25″ x 7.25″

Yesterday morning I went for a walk on the dirt road that goes around and through nearby agricultural fields and saw this savannah sparrow. It’s hard to get close enough for a good photo, even with a 250mm lens, so this is just a small crop of the original. The paints used are ivory black, burnt umber, transparent yellow oxide, and titanium white.

Morning Song

Hiding Sparrow

White Crowned Sparrow
Acrylic on sketch paper, 9″ x 7″

Last week I went to a state park and got a photo of this white crowned sparrow in some sort of dry bush. It’s amazing that they can dart through the tangled mass of branches so easily.

To get good detail on the bird I decided to crop the original photo, below, to just be the center of it. Actually, the branches in the full photo are starting to look like a painting themselves…

White Crowned Sparrow

Signs of Spring

Robin on a Branch
Acrylic on sketch paper, 10″ x 7.5″

I was practicing photography last week and got a photo of this American Robin in a tree with new leaves. It’s actually been spring for awhile, but in this little scene all the nearby flowering trees aren’t seen.

Paints used are ivory and carbon blacks, titanium white, burnt sienna, transparent yellow oxide, and some transparent gel medium. The green is from the yellow and black mixed.

Robin on a Branch

Waterfall Book 25, final page

Waterfall at dusk
Water-soluble wax paint on paper, 7″ x 5″

Here’s the final page of the book. It seemed like it would be fitting to end with a scene set at the end of a long day. This page was first drawn with pencil, then covered with a mix of acrylic mediums to give the paper some protection against buckling as the wax paint from Ceracolors was applied.

Part way through this project I switched to posting larger images and also captioning them directly, as you can see in the gallery below.

Draw a Bird Day – House Sparrow

Maybe a Black Throated Sparrow
Acrylic on sketch paper, 9.5″ x 6.5″

I tried looking up what this bird is, but I’m not sure. I took the photo in Denver and the closest match I could find is a black throated sparrow, but none of the photos look like this one. – Update, it’s a House Sparrow as Myr said below.

It looks like the current bird posting place for draw a bird day is here.

Maybe a Black Throated Sparrow

Waterfall Book 24

Blue Cascade
Cut paper, 7″ x 5″

One more new medium for this book. For many years now I’ve been holding on to these leftover sheets of Color-aid colored paper from a color theory class, even though I didn’t really think I’d use them again.

One problem though is that these pages are now thicker, with two or three layers all glued together on top of the pages of the book. This makes a little harder to close the book, and it was already having problems with that. It would have better to have done this in the very center, where the curve of the pages wouldn’t have been such a problem, but I didn’t think of using this medium until a few weeks ago.

Next week will be the last page and the end of this project. After that I want to start a new project right away.

La Dordogne, after Frits Thaulow

La Dordogne, after Frits Thaulow
Egg tempera on heavy watercolor paper, 6.5″ x 4.75″

Today I tried making egg tempera paint for the first time. The binder is just an egg yolk, completely separated from everything else, and to prevent mold a small amount of 70% rubbing alcohol was mixed in. I made five paints- lemon ochre, Venetian red, Nicosia green earth, ultramarine blue, and titanium white. Except for the white all of the pigments were from Natural Pigments.

The paint was very nice to work with, but tended to form a dry skin over it on the palette very quickly and things got a little rushed in an effort to finish the painting adequately before running out of useable paint.