Grey Paper: Deer Sketch

Grey Paper: Deer Sketch

Pencils: Palomino Blackwing, an old Sanford Turquoise H (now sold under the Prismacolor brand name), General’s white charcoal, Cretacolor white lead.
Paper: Strathmore toned gray 5.5″x8.5″ 80lb.

Grey Paper: Deer Sketch reference

A long time ago I took this photo of three deer drinking water in front of my house from a bowl that was for the birds. This is a new sketchbook that I got recently and this is the first thing I’ve drawn in it, just the top half of the page. Normally I always work on white paper, but this toned paper was an enjoyable change. The method I used in which a grid is drawn to transfer the image from the photo to the paper is too meticulous though and took me a lot longer to finish than I thought it would. Even with the grid I didn’t get every detail exactly accurate.

Mountains, Trees, and Clouds

Mountains, Trees, and Clouds

Oil on canvas, 7″ x 5″

I’ve been painting in oils again lately. Yesterday I scraped together a lot of different colors that were on my palette and mixed them into one blob. Some of them I was using on a couple of other paintings, and some were just to see what they’d look like if I mixed them. Today I didn’t have a plan but I started using that mixed paint and some white on top of an old painting until it started to look like clouds, so it became this. It’s just a quick painting, but the clouds were fun to paint. I’m not sure how else I feel about this.

Mountains, Trees, and Clouds detail

I painted the clouds thickly but the brushstrokes and texture of the paint can’t be seen in the full image, so here’s a detail view of the clouds that are a little to the right of the center.

Digital Sketches

Digital Sketch 1 - Man Walking Against the Wind

Lately I haven’t had much will to make art, but here’s a few things I worked on. These are all made in Photoshop CS4. I was making a few custom brushes settings and trying them out on 500x500px canvases when I noticed they looked like I could make something out of them.

Forest Sketch 4

Forest Sketch 4

Pencil: Palomino Blackwing
Paper: Canson sketch universal, 5.5″ x 8.5″ 65lb

This pencil has an interesting history. The version I have is just the Blackwing, not the 602 which I’ve read has a little firmer lead. This one is dark and feels smooth.

Also, I updated my previous post on verdigris with some new photos. I may try to do some more with it in the future, mainly to try making a purer verdigris pigment as I’m sure that what I made has impurities.