Hiding Sparrow

White Crowned Sparrow
Acrylic on sketch paper, 9″ x 7″

Last week I went to a state park and got a photo of this white crowned sparrow in some sort of dry bush. It’s amazing that they can dart through the tangled mass of branches so easily.

To get good detail on the bird I decided to crop the original photo, below, to just be the center of it. Actually, the branches in the full photo are starting to look like a painting themselves…

White Crowned Sparrow

7 thoughts on “Hiding Sparrow

  1. This is wonderful! Totally love it! On sketch paper?! Do you mean sketching paper meant for acrylics, or actual sketching paper? You make it look so easy to create realistic acrylic work. Love the photo as well!

    1. Thanks 🙂
      It’s a Canson biggie sketch pad, 50lb. It says “America’s most popular paper for experimenting with charcoal, pastel, pencil, and ink.” I guess they weren’t expecting acrylic, and the paper does buckle some, but it still works if you proceed gently. Even with a good amount of water on it things are okay.

      The only brush I used this time was a Loew-Cornell 1/2″ 7000 oval, basically a slightly longer synthetic filbert. This and the other 7*** series golden taklon brushes from them seem to work really well for this kind of painting.

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