Mule Deer in Snow

Winter Mule Deer
Watercolor on Yupo (synthetic paper), 7″ x 5″

It’s a new week, the very last week of 2016, and yesterday on Instagram I posted the palette theme for the week. All of the blueish black is sodalite. The brown of the deer is a mix of everything on the palette except green, which didn’t get used in this painting.

The paper is called Yupo, a polypropylene sheet that’s very smooth. Watercolor works completely different on it. It’s easy to completely wipe it clean. Actually, it’s so easy that it can be a little challenging when you’re accidentally removing paint. Working on this is almost like digital art in a way, because you can edit and undo each brushstroke to a degree that normal paper never can. That was very important for this scene, as I kept modifying various elements while working. While I’ll need some more practice to do finished paintings on this well, it seems like it’ll work great for compositional planing, since it can be changed so easily.

6 thoughts on “Mule Deer in Snow

  1. Your painting has an Asian feel to it which appeals to me. I just followed you on Instagram. Do you mainly paint with Daniel Smith? There paints are my favorite and the only brand I paint with in watercolors. God bless!

    1. I was actually thinking about some of the compositions I’ve seen in Asian paintings when I stuck the deer on the far left. 🙂
      The idea here was to balance a unique element (shape, color, subject, movement) in a low detail area contrasted with the darker and more detailed right half.
      I just did a rough count and probably 2/3rds of my watercolors are Daniel Smith. The ones that aren’t are mostly M Graham and Rublev, plus some mostly older and smaller Winsor & Newton and Holbein tubes. A lot of my favorites are from Daniel Smith. God bless. 🙂

    1. Thanks, and this might be my first success. I had used it many years ago, and since then made a few brief attempts. When I started this last night I was struggling with a different painting on normal paper not working out, so I thought I’d try something different. Sometimes it helps to change medium, or in this case paper. 🙂

      1. During all the time since your first attempt trying to paint on Yupo, your confidence and skills painting with w.c. have improved tremendously. That usually is the result after years of experimenting and painting with mediums.

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