Mare Nubium

Oil on linen, 5″ x 7″

I had started this with some paint I made with charcoal, but I didn’t really make it properly and it wasn’t working out so I switched to pre-made charcoal black (PBk8) from Blue Ridge. It’s easily one of my favorite if not my favorite black paint because of how neutral it is and because it doesn’t overpower a mixture the way something like a mars black would. The white I used was zinc white (PW4) from Daniel Smith. This’ll probably be the last oil painting I post for a little while as I switch to watercolor, pixel art, and photography coming up.

I switched the theme of this blog last night and I really like it. Now the posts are easier to browse without having the entirety of every recent post displayed at once in a long list. Does it look/work better now?

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