Black Raspberries

Black Raspberries

I went to a farm today with my mom, sister, and baby niece and we all picked black raspberries. There wasn’t very many this year because of the weather and I think other people had already gotten most of them, but when I looked hard there were hidden treasures behind all the leaves and thorns. Raspberries bushes, why do you need so many thorns?

Most raspberries here are ripe when they turn red but these aren’t ripe until they turn from red to black. Even though I had to reach past many thorns and my hand and arm got scratched a lot (and also I was bleeding a little) it was fun and the raspberries taste good. ^__^

6 thoughts on “Black Raspberries

    1. The taste matched their good looks. Although, I think the sunlight made them look lighter/redder than they really were. When I looked at them indoors they looked about as black as coal. 🙂

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